Walton Plaza launches new website, offered up to 12pc discounts on online purchase

Walton Plaza, the country’s largest electronics goods sales and service-providing enterprise, has launched a new website with an updated look and improved functionality as a part of its effort of becoming the number one online sales network of electronics products by this year. The new website can be accessed at https://waltonplaza.com.bd/.

On the occasion of launching the new website, customers are offered up to 12 percent discounts on Walton products' purchase from this new website. 

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC's Director and Walton Plaza's Online Sales Monitoring Director Nishat Tasnim Shuchi officially launched the new website of Walton Plaza at Walton Corporate office in the capital Monday (January 1, 2024).
The program was attended, among others, by Walton Plaza’s Managing Director (MD) Mohammad Rayhan, Walton Hi-Tech’s Additional Managing Director Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Ibne Fazal Shayekhuzzaman, Walton's Deputy Managing Director Eva Rizwana Nilu, Walton AC's Chief Business Officer Tanvir Rahman, Adviser to the Managing Director and Chief Information Officer Mofizur Rahman Zakir, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Didarul Alam Khan.

In the inaugural function, Nishat Tasnim Shuchi said, "This is our new endeavor to keep pace with the changing world and make online services for customers easier, faster and safer. Walton Plaza's new website has been developed with up-to-date and advanced features, rich in information on electronics products. In the future, more new features like virtual showroom, advanced data analysis will be added to the website to give a great experience to the customers in online shopping. Through this new website of Walton Plaza, customers and stakeholders from any part of the world can easily find information about their desired products as well as buy their preferred products."

Walton Plaza’s MD Mohammad Rayhan said that our target is to become country’s number one electronics products' online shop by this year. The new website is launched in continuation of this effort. We expect that this new website will give users amazing experience on the online purchase and also play an important role in country’s online sales activities in electronics sector.

Walton Plaza’s IT division sources said that high standard search engine has been used in developing this new website with a super combination of dynamic and thematic features. These features enable users to browse products and information of the website in a swift and easy manner. The webpage ensures the security of the users’ personal information. Customers now also can buy products in installment from this online platform using and navigating easy tools and automation features.